Implementing the Perfect (and safe) Clenbuterol Cycle

In the mad rush and urgency of having a perfect body and coping up with the busy schedules of regular life, people in the current times are often opting for drugs that helps in the process of getting rid of excess fat from their bodies. Popular myth portrays this as a really risky and often not a helpful means. However with the advent of the drug Clenbuterol all these myths have been put to rest.


This is a drug that though originally was used to treat breathing and pulmonary diseases yet soon due to its fat burning and muscle developing qualities soon took over as a major drug that was used for quick loss of weight.

Certain Myths:

Soon the drug took over like a rage in the market and a number of Hollywood celebrities and sports stars made use of this drug. Nevertheless in this context it needs to be mentioned that a mere usage of the drug would not be a helpful option, until and unless it is coupled with a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise regime. Making a mere usage of the drug in irate measurements could again refrain from giving desired results.

Proper Dosage:

In this context it needs to be said that the drug Clenbuterol will be giving the best desired results only when the drug is taken in the right dosage. It has often been prescribed and advised that the beginners should first initiate by taking small doses of the drug. Upon continued usage the dose could be increased. This would be giving better results to the users. Once again it has also been suggested that Clen gives better results in short bust cycles. Experts have also advised that one could make a three weeks usage of the drug and then give a three weeks off, after which they could again start off for another three weeks.  Click here to buy Clenbuterol online Canada.

Reasons to Use a Clen Cycle

  • Fat Burning and Weight Loss
  • Steroid Alternative
  • Performance Enhancer and Stimulant

Schedule for Cycling Clenbuterol

Day 1: 20 mcg
Day 2: 40 mcg
Day 3: 60 mcg
Day 4: 80 mcg
Day 5: 80 mcg (Don’t increase the dosage if the side effects become intolerable)
Day 6 to Day12: 100 mcg
Day 13: 80 mcg (It isn’t essential to taper, but some users find that it helps them gradually readjust to normality)
Day 14: 60 mcg
Day 15: off
Day 16: off
Day 17: Begin ECA stack